Friday, April 09, 2010

The joke's on Grandma...AKA Logan's losing his marbles!

I like to use these types of soap containers because they have a nice built in dispenser. I like the dispenser because it keeps me from pouring too much into the soap dispenser in my washer. As you can see the top of the bottle has both the dispenser and a regular lid. I often keep the regular lid open just a couple of turns to add air to the flow. It makes it flow a little faster.

The dispenser on mine has been sticking lately. The bottle is almost empty, so I just figured it was getting clogged up by gummy detergent drying in the spout. I tried running it under hot water, but that didn't seem to help.

Because the dispenser has been sticking lately and not dispensing well, I have resorted to using this end and just pouring the detergent into the washing machine's dispenser. The bottle IS getting pretty low.

So imagine my surprise today when I poured the detergent into the soap compartment and heard, "Plop, plop, plop, plop!" hahaha....Four marbles! The only available culprit is Logan and he does love the marbles that go with the marble towers. He has a tendency to carry them around in his pocket. He must also know how to both remove and replace a screw-on lid! He sure gave Grandma a good laugh! And it also explains why running hot water on the dispenser did not unclog it!~


Sue said...

that is funny! What a trickster. Watch out for that one!

The word verification is "dentskin". Is that like a wrinkle?

The Invisible Mo said...

I wonder where they get these silly word verifications? Why don't they just use real words?