Monday, April 12, 2010

Not all of today's photos were of Alex and Logan...

I had so much fun today with my camera and my subjects, Alex and Logan. This is not my grandson, Logan, but my friend's son Logan. We had a great time walking through Fort Steilacoom Park, up to the memorial and down to the farm buildings. Logan was a trooper and super enjoyed his little hike through the park. He wasn't the most cooperative for some of the photo ops I wanted, but I made do with what he tolerated. He is, after all, only 20 months. I tried to keep a candid feel to the photo session, so that it wasn't one pose after the other.
We were there for over three hours, which gave me plenty of time to also get in some macro shots and some new shots of the buildings. I love those old farm buildings.

Today's selection is my favorites of the macros. I'm also including a few of my favorite shots of Logan and Alex. What a fun day it was! I got to babysit Daelin again which was a nice bonus, so I invited Jewel over so she could see him. We had a great visit and played with her new Nintendo DS. Which part? The camera. Now that is a fun little camera. We laughed pretty hard at some of the crazy pictures you can take with that little unit. It has some crazy features!

First, the macro shots:

These tiny little flowers are about a quarter of an inch long.

The day was warm enough for the bees to be out, but this bee was too cold to move very fast. He was on top of a fire hydrant warming up so he could fly.

How did I live to almost sixty without realizing that holly bushes have flowers. I knew they had berries, but never realized they had these beautiful yellow flowers.

I have no idea what this little flower is, but if you look closely you can see the aphids sitting inside the petals. It's not quite two inches across.

These little blue flowers are coming up all over the hill surrounding the monument. I'm not sure what they are, but maybe a morning glory?

More holly flowers.

When we were kids we used to pull these little purple blossoms out of this plant and suck on them. They have a sweet nectar inside. I have no idea what they are, either.

The dreaded scotch broom. But it makes a good subject.

Another little flower I need to identify. It is just over an inch across.

A few of my favorite moments with Alex and Logan:

Dancing in the grass.

I have close-ups of them on this little piece of the barn, but I like this picture of the barn with Alex. I will probably make a cropped copy.

One of the few smiles Logan produced. Maybe it's the name.

He was watching a plane.

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