Friday, January 01, 2010


I like this theme but I have no idea what to do with it. I could post my best pictures, best blogs, best recipes or best whatevers. Of course they would be completely subjective choices made by the person who produced them so does that really qualify them as "best". ??

It could be the best efforts I've made (and then failed at the goal) or the best way to avoid things I don't want to do. There are so many directions a person could take with this theme. I'm still thinking about it.

In the meantime I want to figure out how to clean out my blog files at Myspace. I want to make a collection of some of what I consider to be my "best" blogs and I also want to have easy access by cataloging them somehow. For now I have to just pick a date and run forward or backward through them to find what I want. I'm thinking that was probably the idea behind tags, but I didn't get the whole "tag" thing for a long time. I just didn't pay attention to its usefulness.

For today I will leave you with the very FIRST blog I ever wrote. Things have changed a lot since I wrote this one. I am no longer on graveyard. I am really beginning to hate my job. Well, let me qualify that. I love my work. I enjoy very much the actual work of what I do. I'm just really hating the place in which I do it. ARGGGHHH.

So here you go. The very first blog I wrote. Not my best. Not my worst.

Trying out the blog - The Invisible Mo's MySpace Blog | Mo's Blog

I made my own NaBloPoMo badge for my blog. I didn't know how to change the text color, but I'm still happy with it.


Becky said...

Love the badge.


The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...where do they get those silly captcha "words"?

The Invisible Mo said...

Oh...and thanks. You should join. Then I could let you use it, too.

Becky said...

Not a chance on this planet. I only do that once a year.