Saturday, January 02, 2010

Gotta run!

I committed to blogging this month every day. I even made my very own badge for it. Today, however, I need to go and have some vermicelli noodles at the Asian Garden Cafe at my work with my parents. They haven't tried that little restaurant in our casino yet and it's my favorite place to get Pho and other really good stuff like the Bun (vermicelli noodle dishes) that I like with the fresh basil. I LOVE fresh basil.
There are supposed to be accent marks over the o in Pho and the u in Bun. Just saying. I'm sure I could change my keyboard to include them, but not in the mood to figure it out right now.

So, in keeping with the theme...

This is the BEST I can do today! LOL.

How about a picture?

This is my grandson stealing all the dice from the Farkle game and stuffing them in his pockets. When his mom asked him what he was doing, he said, "These are mine!"
Later he took them out and used them as building blocks. LOL.
Crazy kid!

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