Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two more treasures.

I probably could have resisted this item if it were not that they still had the box. This is a "super air velocity" hair dryer by Kenmore. I love several things about this item.
1. It does have the box, which gives you several depictions of how this marvelous item can be used.
2. It is made of pink metal. No plastic on this hair blower at all except the on/off and hot/cold switches.
3. Tonia's father made a makeshift stand for it so he could use it in his shop. I'm not sure what happened to the original stand.
4. It still works.
5. It tells you on the box that it for use with "home permanent wave sets". I'm not sure why I find that amusing. It's just the wording from a different era I think.

This next item I saw on my first trip there, but didn't ask about it until she phoned me Friday morning. I thought about it for two days because I kept rationalizing that I really don't NEED it. But then I really don't NEED much of anything I own, so I guess that's a dumb rationalization.
I'm not sure why I couldn't get this thing out of my mind. I love it's simplicity. As bathroom cabinets go it is pretty basic. It is also all metal. I know we had one somewhere or someone I knew did because as soon as I saw it I "remembered" it. Not this one in particular, but I remember seeing one before. More importantly, I remember opening and shutting one and the first thing I did when I saw it was to open and then shut it. There is something about the sound it makes when you open and shut it that for some reason is very nostalgic to me.
The first picture is a truer representation of its color. The second is just to show the inside. The third picture is to show you the little wire towel hanger at the bottom that can fold up out of the way if you don't want to use it. It's a little rusty here and there, but can be cleaned up without much work. I am going to repaint it the yellow color and use it in my kitchen as a spice cupboard.
I love it that Tonia's dad labeled this above the towel rack with an embossed tape. The label says "hand towel". Over on the post next to this was another towel rack and it was labeled "face towel". I guess he got a little eccentric over the years. He measured his mattress and put a line for the center mark with a permanent marker. Whenever he bought new sheets, he would fold them and use the permanent marker to draw a line to mark the center of his sheet. I guess he wanted to be sure the overhang was even on both sides. He is still alive by the way and 93 years old. The house is being emptied and sold because they had to finally put him in assisted living.

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mental mosaic said...

What a great hair dryer! I love looking at old packaging, the wording and illustrations delight me. Sheesh, and to think it stil works!