Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's tidbits.

Got stuff done today.

Swept hall and dusted movie shelf and phone table.
Cleaned the hall window and the blinds.
Swept the living room, got the little rug out and put down the "new" braided rug I got from Craig's List FREE!
The living room looks much bigger.
Finally unpacked and hooked up my Wii.
Moved the table I got free from Craig's List (for Keri) into the sewing room so I can sort photos on it.
Sorted the toys and threw some out.
Sorted the books and put them away correctly. (2 years olds aren't good at that, LoL.)
De-Loganfied my living room.
Started taking down my Christmas stuff.
Dusted some things.

Pretty boring blog, eh?
Oh well. It's what you get today. I have to go hold my new grandson for awhile and take some pictures of him.


Sue said...

sounds like a good day to me!

The Invisible Mo said... was.

mental mosaic said...

Boring? Sounds like you got a lot done! Let us know how you like your Wii. I've never used one. (I secretly want Dance Dance Revolution so I can bounce around at home and get some exercise.)