Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fly Lady

I decided to join the flylady campaign, but it's already annoying me. I don't want to post sticky notes all over my house. I already get up and get dressed to the shoes every day because I really can't do much unless I have on my regular shoes. Foam shoes don't work for me unless I'm in slipper mode. I have to have lace-up shoes in order to do very much because I need the support.
I don't care about shining my sink everyday. My sink is the least of my worries as far as getting things in order go. I do my dishes every morning because I like to do dishes while waiting for my coffee. I do skip an occasional morning, but only because there might only be one plate in there. Jeren and I use paper plates a lot. It's easier on both of us.
I don't need to be reminded to do the little things. My house is mostly clean, just cluttered because of too many projects, too much stuff and not enough time. (curse the computer here)
I think I will adapt things to my own needs. I think I will just adapt my hour a day program, making the increments smaller.
I don't want to keep a notebook, but I do think I will go back to lists. I am going to post a list on the refrigerator, scratch things off, add things on and work on things one at a time. I am going to use some of her ideas but adapt them to my situation. I don't work days, I work nights. I don't go to bed early because I am not home yet. I don't need to lay my clothes out every night. They are on the chair in the bathroom every morning because I place them there when I shower for work. I don't change jeans everyday and I use my work shirts more than once, too. Even so, I know right where my clothes are. (in the dresser, the dryer or my basket, depending on when I did laundry.
I already have good daily habits for cleaning.
I do laundry just about daily. I fold the clothes as I take them out of the dryer. Don't get me wrong. There are days when I "freshen" them a dozen times and forget to go fold them, but they don't get taken to another spot to wait for folding. I clean up after myself as I cook. I put things away when I'm done with them. When I leave a room I take any dishes I might have use there. I put my coffee cup on the counter before I go to work.
It's not the cleaning I need help doing. It's the dealing with many years worth and seven kids worth of stuff to go through, assess, throw out, keep, sell, give away. It's also putting back all the little pieces that got separated when kids didn't pick up a toy or game properly. It's rearranging while I remodel and fix things around the house. It's a whole yard of things that go undone when I'm working a lot or busy with family and friends. It's learning to allocate my time and not procrastinate.
She has some good ideas.
I just need different angles on them.


Sue said...

I feel the same as you.
She also doesn't have any help on how to light a fire under a certain persons butt to get the renos done. Or what to do with all the garage type stuff that is in almost every room of my house because my hubby does not have a garage. and his shed is a mass of hoarded junk. he needs said fire lit for this job too.

I like your way of doing things. I do have a problem putting away my laundry and I really need to get rid of stuff. I also need to sit with my paper shredder and go through the many baskets of mail.
My organizational skills are lacking a bit. I do need to start making a list. Thanks for the ideas.

The Invisible Mo said...

I think paper stuff is the worst. I tamed it somewhat by getting a tray style basket and it sits right inside the door on a dresser I use in the living room. I try to throw away ALL the junk immediately into the recycling. If not I have a set limit (in my head) of how high I allow the pile to get. When it gets there I go through and open and put things away. I get very few bills in the mail anymore, so it's more junk than anything these days or it's mail for someone else. If you only keep that one basket it will help immensely. Now I have to find a system for my receipts and such. I used to keep all receipts because I could track spending that way. I'm finding it less and less appealing, lol.
I have garage type stuff all through my house, too, but I asked my son for a tool box for Christmas. It holds almost all my tools and I can then take it out and bring it back in. For now it is in because....well, you don't have to imagine my garage. You have his shed to guide you. It's probably about the same. I am working hard to get rid of stuff. The mountain is shrinking. Spring will help because it is easier to put stuff out to go by-by once it's not so rainy.