Monday, January 04, 2010


I'm amazed sometimes at the things I see posted on signs. It's not so much the actual posting but at the stupidity of people that somehow required the posting.
For instance at my work (where I can't take pictures) there is a sign posted by the cafeteria trays. It says, "Please do not use food service trays to sit on!" Really?
Seemed like common sense to me, but I guess not.

They also have a sign posted on the self service soda machine. As you may or may not know soda machines also dispense water. The sign says, "This is not a hand washing station. Please do not wash your hands here." This is not for our crackhead customers. This is for our employees.
Not to mention the water is ice cold.

I was amused by these two signs at the hospital when I took my mom out to the emergency room.

I just can't imagine the day when I think a plastic cup is something I should flush down the toilet, but apparently someone thought they should.

This one cracked me up. Is it really rocket science to figure this one out? You are in a room with three beds separated by curtains. Did you really think the curtains were a cone of silence? LOL.

I think one of my all time favorites, though, was the box I got when working at Joann's. The box contained two doll sized rocking chairs. On the bottom it said, "ATTENTION: Store personnel. Take product out of box and place on shelf."

I know I have a picture of it somewhere on my other computer, but I can't access it right now. This is why I am now going to leave and go buy myself an external hard drive. I want my pictures to be organized once and to all be in one location. I'm excited about this. No more having to figure out which computer and which file I need to go to to get the picture I want. YAY!


Sue said...

Those are good ones! I like watching for stupid signs.
I was up at one of our Northern lakes and was walking in the trees and they had a No Parking sign about 50 or 60 feet in from the road. It was a very nice sign made from stained and varnished logs and the words were actually carved into the wood. But it was surrounded by trees.
I too have a picture of it on my other computer.

The Invisible Mo said... an external harddrive. I'm learning mine today. I have already backed up everything from this computer.