Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't ask me why because I really don't know.

It's probably pretty easy to get that I love old things. I don't know why. I always have. The things I have are not valuable antiques. I don't love them because they have monetary value, if any. I think sometimes I just long for the "easier" times when things weren't so hectic and life didn't travel at the speed of light. Days were long when I was young. We didn't have instant connection to the world and all that is going on around us. When I was young I got my news in the movie theater a lot of the time. There were always newsreels before the movie. It wasn't the latest breaking news. Sometimes it might even be a week or two old.
These days we know what is going on around the world almost immediately after the fact. News is available 24 hours a day. Is it any wonder that we all feel stressed and crowded and overloaded with information?

Here is a little backwards trip into time with the kitchen items that I bought from Tonia. I will do a separate post for the other things.

I had to have this because I always wanted one of those cake pans with the slide-on lid.
This one is a brownie pan or for a small cake, but it will do.

I had never seen one of these. It is a measuring cup/funnel. The
bottom works like a cork so you can fill it with a measured amount,
stir it up if you need, and then pull the cork and let it drop into whatever
container you are filling. I can see many uses for this.

So, yes, I know this is labeled Grandma and Grandpa and there
are four little chicks with names on them that do not belong
to any of MY grandchildren. But the point is...I collect chickens in
my kitchen and so I had to have this. They were happy for me to
give it a home. Their mom was overjoyed at becoming a grandmother
because she thought she wasn't ever going to get grandchildren.

A cookie maker. I have a more modern (plastic) one. I also
have my mom's around here somewhere, but this one was nice
and, actually, I wanted the box. It will go on my shelf with the
other old stuff.

Yes, here we have the Slice-a-way, a 3-way adjustable slicer/shredder
from Popeil. I didn't take a picture of the actual shredder. It's clear plastic
with a blade but it was crooked and I couldn't make it straight. I didn't like
the way it looked crooked. Popeil items were much like "As Seen On TV"
items of today. Picture the Sham-wow guy hawking this!

And finally, another item I never saw before. This is Revel Roasting wrap.
I couldn't get a clear picture showing the whole box. It is long like a box of
heavy duty foil. Actually it's a bit longer than that. It is a roasting film like
the film they use to make roasting bags. Along each edge is a strip of foil to
make it easy for you to wrap your roast or turkey. I love it that this is
"regular size" at 18 inches wide. I wonder if the "non-regular" size is
bigger or smaller. This appears to be from the 50's or 60's. If you look
closely at the picture you can see the foil edge on this side. I will try to
stage it later so I can take pictures of the whole box.


mental mosaic said...

More classic items! Popeil - gosh, he was still going strong in the 80's, wasn't he? Doing infomercials. Well, one of the brothers, at least.

I often get good ideas (at least I think so) for products, but I just don't know how to bring them to fruition.

Love the cookie maker gizmo. My mom has one that I hope she'll give to me. She always made the best spritz cookies with them at Christmas. My sis and I tried duplicating them last year, and something was just not quite right...

The Invisible Mo said...

I have trouble "dropping" them on the cookie sheet. For some reason they want to stick to the cookie maker. One year I fixed that by dipping the end of the cookie maker into flour each time. It did help.