Monday, January 18, 2010

First day.

My first day on my new plan went pretty well. I was able to get my Wii Fit set up on my new Wii and did 20 minutes. I love the new Wii Fit plus because I love the boxing. I am seriously thinking of getting a punching bag to install in the garage.

I didn't get as much done as I hoped, but I did get a lot done. I just wanted to be a little further than I am. I need to remember how much time it can take to cook.

I made a nice lunch of mushrooms and olives and avocado. I saute'd onions and garlic and then slow cooked a portabella mushroom. I then added some noodles and sprinkled on some grated Mexican blend cheese. I cut avocado slices to put on top of that when I ate it.
I also took some of the noodles and cut up some olives and marinated mushrooms (Safeway's gourmet olive bar) and avocado to mix with them. I then put grated parmeson, a little vinegar and a little olive oil and stirred that all up for a nice pasta salad. It was a nice flavor combination and made a nice lunch. I think I will take the leftover salad to work.

I need to go early today to take care of a couple of things. Tomorrow is another day and the Wii and lunch should go a little faster, so I should be able to accomplish a little more. It was hard to not go outside today, so if it's still this nice tomorrow I will plan one of my hours for outdoors.


mental mosaic said...

You had me at avocado! Yum!

So the boxing is fun, eh? Do they have any dancing stuff?

Good for you for sticking with your plan! :)

The Invisible Mo said...

They don't really have dancing, but they do have step. I do the dancing part on my own with a playlist I made for myself on

Becky said...

Oh man, just picturing you boxing is making my day. Just don't do it around any batteries.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL, Becky. Miss you. Can't wait to come visit you all.