Friday, January 08, 2010


I'm too tired today to give my best to anything. I guess you will just have to accept mediocre.
I think this counts as a post.
I already goofed up on that account anyway.
I have to get ready for work now.
My house has been Loganified but I will clean it tomorrow.
Have a great day.
I will give my best at work.


mental mosaic said...

It's a bummer, though, when it's work that gets the best of you and not...well, whatever else you would have liked to give your best to!

Maybe you can explain what "Loganified" means in your next post. :)

Have a good one, and a good night's rest! :)


The Invisible Mo said... 2 year old grandson is named Logan. He was at my house and while he knows to pick up his toys when he is done he doesn't always get them all. Because I was in a hurry today by the time my daughter got here I told her just get the main things so I wouldn't trip when I got home and the rest I would do tomorrow. (which I still haven't done since I've been spending my nights helping David and Nikki with their little bundle of joy.