Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stop wasting time on the computer.

It's a disease.

Time is flying by
I need to stretch it out
I can't bottle it.

I can't believe how fast time zooms along. I have so much to do and so littl e time. I need to quit wasting time. I need to throw my computer out. I need to control my computer addiction. I have to admit it takes a lot of time to complete my tasks in both Farmville and Cafe World. I have a lot of neighbors. I have 52 Farmville neighbors and 40 Cafe World neighbors. I haven't even counted my Farm Town and Lil Farm Life neighbors. I play those sporadically, now. I think about discontinuing them, but there are still things I like about them and I just need to find a way to divide my time since I obviously can't divide myself.
If only I was retired.

Seriously, though, I'm going to start a new time management program tomorrow to try and squeeze a little more productivity out of my days. There are just some things I want to be finished. I'm tired of the loose ends all being untied and flopping around. I know I can get a lot accomplished in one hour, so I'm going to plan my time in hour increments. There will be three increments each day dedicated to various project completions. I figure that leaves three other hours in the day if I get up at 9am. I no longer have to get up early because:
a) Jeren got a vehicle so he can drive himself to work.
b) Logan is now going to daycare.

If I start forcing myself to GO TO BED by 1 or 2 o'clock (depending on when I get home from work) I will have plenty of sleep by 9am. I'm even going to set an alarm since the room I'm sleeping in right now has no window.

I am giving one of the three "extra" hours to exercise.
I am giving one of the three "extra" hours to taking care of myself and getting ready for work. In other words, I won't be realizing at 2:15 that I haven't eaten yet. I have a tendency to put things off and end up trying to eat, shower and dress all at the same time. It's silly.

That leaves one hour for the computer plus the hour I have when I get home from work. If I can't do it all in two hours a day, then too bad. I will have to plan my game time a little more effectively.

On my days off I want to remember to eat regularly. I have a really bad habit of going all day without eating because I get busy doing stuff and don't think of it. I will also plan two more hour segments toward a specific goal. I started this before but got interrupted by "having" to do things that ate up my scheduled time. I will be writing this new schedule though and any adjustments will have to be made on paper so I can see where my time goes and account for it.

Wish me luck. I'm determined.


mental mosaic said...

Gosh, I go through similar struggles with my time, and have been toying with a new approach to scheduling my time lately, too.

But here it is 4:30 in the morning and I'm online because I woke up from a weird dream. I really should be sleeping! But I thought, hey, maybe I can catch up on some blog reading.

Best wishes, and let me know how it goes. I need all the inspiration I can get in this area. :)

The Invisible Mo said...

I'm determined to get control of my time, but it's an up and down journey. Some days my time isn't my own. I also have a tendency (maybe it's my age) to fall asleep when I least expect it while taking a break on the computer. Yesterday I accidentally slept for over an hour. It truly ANNOYS me. But then I've always thought of sleep as a waste of time.