Sunday, January 10, 2010

Work ethic

Overheard at work the other day:

Little (very annoying, superficial, the world revolves around me) princess (LP):

"OMG! I went to turn on my hair straightener today and it wouldn't work. I tried several times."

Other person (OP):
"Oh really?" (with lack of interest)

LP: "OMG. I thought I was going to DIE!"

OP tries to look interested but rolled eyes.

LP continued, oblivious to OP's lack of interest. The following was said as if it was one sentence and urgent:

" OMG, I yelled at my boyfriend and told him he had to go buy me one right away. He said he couldn't. I told him he HAD to go buy me one. Right now or I was going to DIE!"

At this point I am thinking, Really? over a hair straightener?

She continued, again, oblivious to the fact that we were all rolling our eyes at that point.

"I told him that if he didn't leave right then I wasn't going to go to work. I would just call in sick right then. I made him leave and go get me one. OMG...I had to straighten my hair or I would have just HAD to call in sick."

At this point she was interrupted by ACTUAL WORK taking place. Thank goodness. I was ready to jump over the counter and strangle her for stupidity and shallowness.


Sue said...

That's hilarious!

mental mosaic said...

Man oh man...I suppose if that's her biggest problem, lucky for her!