Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Driver's license.

Jeren got his driving license today.

While he was taking his drive test I took a walk around the building and along the river. Here are some of the things I saw.

A vug and a vine.

Mossy vug.

Alder cones.

I don't know.


The wall of the building.

No fun allowed here.

Kmart's carts.

Same wall, different color. (Kmart's section.)

I imagine these are for the boiler? Not sure.



mental mosaic said...

Interesting pix! I feel like I was poking around with you.

I think alder cones are cute. Love the caption, "no fun allowed here."

I call the white berries "snow berries," but I don't know much about them. When I had chickens, they used to love those berries.

I've never heard the word "vug" before, thanks! I'm off to look it up on google now...

Ooh - how very fitting - the "word verification" for this comment is the word cones! :)

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...a real word for word verificaton. Seems like they make most of them up. Thanks. Glad you could come along on my walk.