Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still one of my favorite pictures after all these years.

I've been going through a lot of pictures these days trying to organize them in meaningful ways that make them easy to find.
These three are still favorites after all this time. They are not great in terms of photography skills, but I love the moments they represent.

Jeren falling off the bar. (Santa Monica)

Jeren and the girls at Disneyland.

Rhyan and her uncles on the campus of USC.


mental mosaic said...

I have a bunch of photos that I love even though they are blurry or 'wrong' in whatever way... they still transport me, or make me smile.

My fave of this batch is Jeren falling off the bar. Seems like a very playful moment.


The Invisible Mo said...

LOL. I will tell him. That is one of our favorite family times. We had a lovely time in Los Angeles and surrounding area.