Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oh my.

I was at work last night and it was busy. The phone rang and I couldn't get to it. Neither could Melissa. We were both in the middle of something.
In a minute or so Champ came flying into the room and asking me did I get the phone?
I said, "No, I couldn't get to it."
He said, "It was an emergency."
I thought he was kidding and laughed. He looked at me dead seriously and said, "No, Sheila. It was an emergency for you!" It was your youngest son with an emergency at home. I thought he meant Jeren.
I started to go for the phone and just as I did it rang. It was Ronica. She was telling me that my youngest son called and was in a panic about the baby. I guess there is confusion over which of my sons is the youngest.
I phoned Jeren because I can't ever remember David's number and told him to have David phone me, which he did.
The emergency?
The baby didn't burp. David couldn't get the baby to burp and the doctor had told him the baby had to burp after EVERY feeding.
I asked him if he wanted me to come over after work and he said, "Yes. PLEASE."
I texted David when I got off to be sure he was still awake. The baby was screaming in the background and David was all in a panic and telling me to please just get there. He said there was blood in the diaper. I told him this was normal to calm him down and got off the phone and headed over to their apartment.
While driving there I kept thinking of all these scenarios. Would they be able to handle the baby screaming?, was the blood really normal?, would I be able to sleep if I stayed there?
When I got there Nikki was trying to rest on the couch and David had the baby wrapped and up on his shoulder. The baby was sleeping and everything was fine. He showed me where the diaper was and it was normal. As I had figured, the baby had gotten some blood from his umbilical cord area into his diaper and moved it around a bit because it must have been on the tip of his penis.
I asked them how things were going. David is following the doctor's orders to the t, which is why the panic when the baby wouldn't burp. He is writing down each bottle, how much, each burp and whether the baby pooped or peed or both.
I told them it is really ok if the baby skips a burp. I asked them if they had tried the vibrating bassinet yet. David said, "No. I wasn't sure if it was ok. You know...the shaken baby thing." LOL. I told him the vibration would be ok and probably be soothing to Daelin.
This should be an interesting few weeks as these two figure out the parenting thing. David has a lot of experience with babies and has the swaddling thing down pat, but he is definitely feeling the effects of "this baby is actually mine".
Nikki is the same. She said she keeps thinking she feels Daelin kicking and moving and rubs her tummy. Then she sees him laying there and realizes that he is here. She said then she feels a little panicky realizing that she and David are responsible for him and his "mommy' is not going to pick him up because she is it.
I told them that is perfectly normal, too.
OK...sadly I have to go get ready to go to work and can't go over and see the little peanut. But maybe they will be up tonight when I get off.


Sue said...

How funny!
I hope you get lots of time to spend with your little peanut! They grow so fast.

The Invisible Mo said...

I love it right now because I can go over when I get off work at night. By then they are tired and glad to let me feed and change him. Her mom works graveyard so she comes by in the morning and helps out. That will be especially nice this next week when David goes back to work. I can come help Nikki get through the night with him and her mom can help her get through the day until he is a little older and they are a little more comfortable with him.