Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The train case.

I think one of the best things about some Craig's list runs is the information I get from the person placing the ad about the things I am taking or buying. This last group came from the leftovers of an estate sale. The daughter, Tonia, was trying to wrap things up and put this huge cabinet up on Craig's list for free.

It is that cabinet that I actually went to get. I got a lot more, including some pretty nice stories about the stuff that was still there.

I don't have time today to highlight all the things I got. I do however want to devote a blog to this one item, the train case. This was sitting on the patio as I walked up to the back door to knock. I told Tonia right away that I wanted it. I have a train case that belonged to my mother and I want to sit them both in my sewing room to hold ribbons and such.

Back in the day luggage sets came with these little cases. Some people called them make-up, cosmetic, or personal cases, but most people (at least the people I knew) called them train cases. I imagine it is because more travel took place on trains in those days and in these cases is where you kept your essential items for looking your best so that you didn't have to open and go through your bigger suitcases while traveling. The interesting part about this one is that Tonia's parents outfitted these cases with their own version of travel kits. She said they had different collections in each one. The one I brought home was a coffee kit. Here are the pictures.

The train case. It's missing it's handle, but a twill tape is taking it's place.

The coffee kit. The percolator is complete except for the lid
to the basket that holds the grounds.

Another view, showing all the items and the tape holding the twill handle.

A jar for coffee, two cups and a spoon.

Mr. Kurka was in the military at one time and managed the
commissary out at McChord. These are C-ration coffee and creamer.
I imagine these are quite old since they are the old style container.

They included the directions for using the percolator which
amused me.

I imagine it will be awhile before I am able to bring myself to dismantle this kit and actually use the train case for anything else. I'm just weird that way.


mental mosaic said...

How interesting, clever, and practical. I'd never heard of a 'train case' before. What a cute little coffee set up.

Thanks for the history lesson there. I love learning things like this. It must be a ton of fun to go antiquing/thrifting with you.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...my mom seems to think so. She goes with me a lot. We do meet some really nice people and have some pretty good conversations.