Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I finally got a DSLR. I decided on the Canon T3i. I got a telephoto lens at the same time with a range of 75 - 300mm. I immediately put it to use trying to photograph birds. It was then that I realized the lens I really want is 1200 dollars. Sigh.
I will continue to perfect my techniques and get back to using manual settings while I save my pennies to buy that lens. Here are my first few bird shots with the new camera. These were all taken on automatic settings, although a couple of them might have been manually focused.

A Junco in my yard.

A Crane off the Oregon coast.

Robin in a tree.

This is a baby...I'm not sure if it's a sparrow or a junco or ?
It is sitting in my flowering quince.

Nesting Canada Geese, also along the Oregon Coast.

I think this is a red-winged blackbird. He was scolding something.

This is the same red-wing sitting in the cattails.

The bearer of the twig. I am not sure what this is. I thought when
I first saw it that it was a cormorant, but it doesn't look like it
from the angle in this picture.

This little hummingbird sat on this stump for the better part
of a half hour. I am not sure why he has his tongue out at
this point, but he does.

This is him taking off. He is a ruby throated hummingbird.

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Sue said...

Great pictures! Have fun with the new camera!