Monday, November 21, 2011

Blogging for blogging's sake.

That's what I'm doing tonight. Blogging for blogging's sake. The prompts they provided are too deep for my shallow mind tonight. I am tired. I took my mom out to dinner for her birthday, watched a couple of episodes of Hoarding and crocheted a row on my afghan. Then I played my gnome game, my Wordscraper (like Scrabble), and now I'm waiting for the girl I hired to finish my farms. I'm going to go finish up a little bit in the gnome game and go to bed. I can plant tomorrow, or, if I get too awake by getting my morning coffee ready and shutting the house down, I will plant on my netbook from my bed.
So that is all I have. I could post a picture, I guess. Let me see what I have.

How about this?
They used to have a color named "Seafoam Green". I've seen lots of sea foam and I have yet to see any that is green. This is part of a big long chain of seafoam that was on the beach near where we saw the seagulls at Long Beach. I see no green.

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