Sunday, November 20, 2011

CoHasset Beach Homes

There's a place in Grayland that Becky and I would really like to live. The homes there are nicely done and look like they belong on the beach. Of course they are totally out of our price range at 899,000. We like to go visit there, though, and walk down the nice wooden boardwalk to the beach and breathe the air and feel the mist. There are benches built into the end of the boardwalk just before you go down to the beach. Eventually there will be stairs down to the beach, but they aren't done yet. But I can so see myself just walking down and sitting on the benches at sunset. Sigh.

On our October visit to the ocean this fall we went again to visit the development. As I was looking at the sign a man drove up. I decided to ask him some questions about the place. Turned out that he was the developer and due to the current state of the housing market  he is dropping the price considerably in an effort to make more sales. It was a very informative conversation in which he shared his current progress on the other half of the development how it would differ from the original part. He is offering some pretty nice deals and trying to make his development a little more affordable without losing sight of his original ideas. Very nice guy and I would love to be able to afford one of his homes, but I don't see myself in that position any time soon. He has actually dropped the price to 499,000 with no points. (I'm not sure what the no points thing means...I"ve never looked it up, but I know as real estate goes, no points is a good thing for the buyer.  He went on to talk about the difficulties the buyers have been having and told us that he has one model that the sale fell through a few times and he has a friend staying there as a guest. Oh me, oh my...I would love to be that friend! haha  I'm not a sales person or anything but let me tell you, these are very nice homes.
So, yeah....Cohasset Beach Homes. Check it out if you have a half a million hanging around and want a really nice beach home. Here are some pictures to show you just what I mean. I didn't think to take any pictures of the actual homes. But here is the boardwalk and the ocean view from the boardwalk.

The beginning of the boardwalk.

At the benches.

Where the stairs should be.

The view.

Another view.


The grasses.

More grasses.

Look closely and you can see a whole line of pelicans.

Looking back to the street.

Blustery weather makes rough seas. 

Almost a sunset.

The info. 

Sigh again.

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