Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just some pics

These are some of the pictures I took on the way to the ocean and at the Grayland/Tokeland area before we headed south to Long Beach. I hope you enjoy them.

These guys have the cutest little faces. They are Alpacas and they live in Rochester, Wa. on Moon Road.

Haha....just adorable. 

This blueberry farm is right next door to the Alpacas.  I love how red the bushes get in the fall.

More beautiful fall colors on Moon Road.

It was hard to get the full impact of the yellows and oranges I saw in the grasses and bushes. 
The colors were just amazing.

God looking down on the ocean.

One of our favorite stopping places. This is a spot right between Grayland and Tokeland.

Taken from the same spot as above.

The rays emanating from the clouds always represent God to me. 
I think it's because of how He was portrayed in movies and pictures.

More of the beautiful sunset with some birds flying through.

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