Saturday, November 19, 2011

Young buck and blustery weather.

The weather in the Ilwaco area was true to form for this time of year at the beach. Windy and rainy were the themes for a lot of our weekend. Of course, that is the main reason I go there this time of year. I love that weather. I love standing out on the beach in that cold, blustery stuff. I have  no idea why, but I do. Here are some pictures taken during the blustery part of the 12th of November. These were mostly taken in Cape Disappointment State Park from the Benson Beach area. 
We saw a young buck when we headed back into the main part of the camp. We wanted to look at the cabins in case we might be interested in renting a couple of them this summer and taking our grandkids to the beach with us.There was a young buck in the yard. It was hard to get his little antlers to show up because he kept moving toward the fence. I also found a way to fix the eyes in these pictures. Most photo programs have red-eye removal, but for some reason it doesn't work on the bright yellow or white that often appears when I take pictures of animals and forget to disable my flash. I discovered that if I use the "remove blemish" tool, it works pretty good. 

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