Thursday, November 03, 2011


Since it is blogging for blogging's sake....some random stuff.

I miss all my blogging buddies.

I am very random right now and can't seem to hold a thought together. I think it's because of a lot of things that are "messy" in my life right now. Yet I can't seem to "unmessy" them. I'm working on it, though.

I seriously miss my creative outlets. Oh, that's right...blogging is one of them. Well, maybe this month will put things back on track. Painting the playroom/kid's room/guestroom should help, too. I can't wait to get the repairs done so I can start it. I want it to be something like hills, blue skies with clouds and a picket fence...although I am going to paint mine instead of using these wall stickers. I am going to send it to the "Better After" blog!

Speaking of better after...Can you believe how creative some people are? I love this! Really love it! Wish I had one of those changing tables, just so I could do it! Isn't it the cutest kitchen ever?

And now, for your visual enjoyment, some more pictures of birds. Because I love taking photographs of birds.

American Avocet seen on our road trip in May in California.

I believe this is a black crowned Night Heron, but not positive.
Seen at the same marsh as the Avocet.

Taking off.


I haven't positively identified these, yet. I think they are Egrets.
The one on the left looks tipsy-turvy.

Not the early bird, but he got the worm.

Juvenile robin listening for worms.

A hawk out at my daughter's place.

Sharing the post.

Waiting for me to look away so she can go feed the kids.

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