Sunday, November 06, 2011

Daelin cooks.

I still have many of my children's toys from when they were little. I love to get them out for whichever current generation of children happen to be at my house to play with them. The kids are always occupied because I have toys that no one else has.
Here is Daelin playing in the kitchen with some of the little dishes that I bought for Keri when she was a toddler. They are the Tupperware pieces in children's sizes. I would say that they are very seventies in their colors, but those colors have come back around, now. The other set of little dishes is a Sesame Street set from the 80's, I think.
He got the saucepan out of my cupboard, but I am getting him his own set as soon as I can get to Toys R Us. The little plastic stove was a freebie I picked up in a parking lot, where it had been discarded next to a clothing bin. It's not fancy, but the kids seem to love it.
The wooden "counter top" is the nest box I built for the Cockatiels, before I changed my mind about giving them one. He is happy as a clam with it, though, and can put canned food inside it. He uses his little push truck (a toddler walking toy) as a grocery cart. I am sure I have the kids's shopping cart up in the attic. I will bring it down when we get the playroom finished.
He is cooking "peas",but they are actually a handful of my cranberries. I tell him they are cranberries, but to him they are peas. He loves peas. He likes to cook and stir them and then he puts one (just one) in a cup and brings it to me to taste. We taste and say, "yucky!". He tasted one of the cranberries one day so he knows they are sour. After we taste and say "yucky" we taste and I say, "YUMMY!". He looks at me strange, but then he copies me. I love toddlers! So much fun!

Oh...and I found a couple of pretend baby food containers in the box. He promptly took the label off this one and then proceeded to lift his shirt and use it like deodorant!

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