Monday, November 28, 2011

Dragging to the end.

Only two more days of blogging and NaBloPoMo will be done. I don't feel excited to have done it. I am just glad it is almost over. I am posting this so that I can say I posted for thirty days. I have no idea why. I am truly sick of NaBloPoMo and all the blogging yuppies that it supports. I've already learned to hate Blogher. I can't say why. It's just too big and caught up in itself.   Blogher is a very difficult site with too many choices, too many ads, too much of everything and it seems the only goal there is to be 'discovered' and paid to write. I am tired of cutesy mommy bloggers, sick of the same people being highlighted over and over and somehow I feel like it's just high school all over again.
On another note...thank goodness for the undo button because a fly just landed on my touch screen and his motion made a little circle on my screen and  **PRESTO** my blog was erased. LOL
That's about how I feel about it, too.

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