Monday, November 14, 2011

North Head Lighthouse Part 2

On Sunday we drove up to take a walk out to North Head Lighthouse. It was listed as a much easier walk than the one to Disappointment Bay's Lighthouse. But then almost any walk would be easier than that one was. Whew!
Sadly, as it turns out, Becky was unable to walk to the lighthouse with me. She ended up slipping and  completely dislocating her knee. I left her on the grass with my keys, hoping she would be able to somehow get in the car, and thinking it was somewhat rude for me to go on without her. She insisted, and I wanted the pictures, so I went.  The walk to North Head is a breeze. It was mostly level, with just gentle elevation changes every so often. The path was gravel, but it was smooth, easy to walk, and not too muddy. There was no real climbing like on the trail yesterday.
It was a very gray day, but at least it wasn't pouring like the day before. I saw a place where you could go around the fence and up a sidewalk, so I took it and walked up the sidewalk to get some pictures of the lighthouse below without all the people milling about. It was nice up there, quiet and peaceful and great views. It was also warmer and much less windy because I was sheltered by the hill. Here are some of the pictures I took from up there.

I came back down the hill and took a few photographs with the normal lens as I did. By then most of the others had left.

There had been pelicans flying around while I was approaching  . They were flying around, so I walked to the edge along the fence to get some pictures of them. It was there that I noticed that there were sea lions in the water. I saw three groups of them. As I was standing on the edge there, trying to get them in focus, we were hit by a squall. Suddenly it was blowing like crazy and raining sideways. The couple near me and I ran for shelter over by the lighthouse. It was windy, but dry. Then as I headed up to go back I noticed another couple huddled at the back of the lighthouse. It was dry and wind-free there, so I stood there a few minutes to let the squall pass before I headed back up to the car. It actually warmed me up to stand there out of the wind for a little bit.
As I was heading to the car, the pelicans came back and were swooping very close overhead. I got a few more shots of them and headed to the car.
Becky had managed to get herself in the car and was spread out over the two middle seats with her leg up. She spent the time reading. We headed back down the hill toward Ilwaco in search of pain reliever and food.  I was glad I let her talk me into going for the photos. I will post the sea lions and pelicans in another blog. As always, if you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on them.


Becky said...

Oh my gosh... SO pretty. I wanna go for a walk there all by myself.


I got nothin. I just keep thinking of sentences with lentels in it.

The Invisible Mo said...

Well, I do enjoy a good bowl of lentil soup now and then! It is very pretty and you would love it. Just standing there at the fence and enjoying the sea air and mist is nice. The squall wasn't too bad either...just surprising and drenching! LOL