Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Today we got up at seven, thinking it was eight because the clock in our room was not reset to standard time. It was nice, though, to take our time getting ready. I had a cup of coffee and some toasted banana bread with yogurt and grapes. We headed out early to get to the museum so we could follow the bus to the Columbia Confluence Project area to listen to a lecture outlining the project and then take a "Walk Through Time" as we walked through the park. Here is a link if you want to read more about what the "Ocian in View" event is all about.  The bus tour continued on to Knappton Cove Heritage Center but we had headed to the little piece of beach called Waikiki Beach and were enjoying the crashing waves there. We decided to further explore the areas around us instead. We drove over to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and hiked up to see it. It was pouring rain and blustery but for most of our hike we were fairly dry from the tree cover. The final ascent, however, was unprotected by trees so we did get a bit wet going that last stretch up to the lighthouse. It was worth the climb to see the view from up there and to see the light house up close. We could look across to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. We climbed back down after spending some time up there just enjoying the view (but not so much the rain and wind). We debated about going over to the Interpretive Center, but our tired legs won the battle and we went back to the car. We drove from there back to the park and over to Benson Beach where I got some nice pictures of the lighthouse. Then we headed over to North Head Lighthouse. By that time it was really pouring and we opted to wait and see how tomorrow is rather than take another hike in the rain. It is a much shorter hike but we were bone cold and weary. 
We had lunch at a nice little restaurant. The tomato soup was delicious with blue cheese and brandy in the recipe. After lunch we decided to drive the peninsula and revisit the little historical district in Oysterville. I will write more about that another time. I'm tired. The internet is slow and it took me forever to upload these pictures. I am not going to rearrange them. I will just label them how they are. 

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse as seen from Benson Beach area.

As seen from another part of the Benson Beach area.

Dead Man's Cove from the trail to the lighthouse.

The beach at Dead Man's Cove.

Little baby banana slugs were all over the cement part of the climb.

Approaching the top of the hill.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center as seen from the lighthouse.

An abandoned bunker.

Another view of the lighthouse.

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