Sunday, November 27, 2011

November is almost out of here...

I hate how fast time goes sometimes. I also love how slow time goes on days like today. It was a very relaxed day of getting stuff done and enjoying my grandkids and cooking a nice turkey dinner. Other than the fact that I spend way too much of my time with my computer, it was very satisfying. Of course, the computer time was satisfying, too, but I just need to take less time with the computer and more time actually getting real work done. Imaginary work is a lot more fun, though.
 Honestly my mind is completely blank right now. I wanted to post mushroom pictures, but I can't find the names of some of them. But maybe I will just post them anyway. I want to get back to getting stuff done.

I have never seen these before.

This stump was covered in mushrooms.

Another odd variety that I haven't seen.

I thought this was some kind of rusted gear when I first saw it sitting on a downed  log.

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