Saturday, November 05, 2011

A foot and some bowling balls.

One of my goals on my "101 in 1001" was to get out more. Sadly, even though the time was up in September, I have not updated my 101 and therefore failed to reach my goals. However, on the upside...I did reach many of the actual listed goals including the one to get out more. The actual listed goals that pertain to getting out (and their results) are as follows:

66. Get out of the house at least one of my days off. (Quit being such a homebody.)

I really did quit being such a homebody, although I still crave staying at home over going out. Changing to dayshift sent much of this goal into hyperdrive as people in my life realized I was now available for social activities. I started out keeping to myself, then started getting out more, then crawled halfway back into my shell. So I do get out much more than I did, but still not as much as I could. It's a nice compromise.

67. Go to my friends's houses instead of always expecting them to come here.

I'm doing better at this. Really I am. Sort of.

68. Go shopping at least once a month.

Hahahahahaha....I can barely go grocery shopping once a month. I do get gas every week if that counts. I seriously hate shopping and online shopping does not help me meet this goal at all. LOL. Fail.

69. Remember my friends's birthdays and actually get them something.

Gosh, I suck at this.

70. See more of my grandchildren by going to their houses more often. (they don't live close.)

I'm doing pretty good with this one. It helps that I now have weekends off. I no longer have to plan and take flex time to spend time with the grandkids. This has helped tremendously and it's nice to be able to go get Trenton more than once in awhile, which means I also go get Isaac and sometimes Logan.

71. Travel to Oregon to meet my online friend.

I never did this. I did however take a trip with my friend Chris and while on our trip we did stop in to meet a mutual online friend that lives in Idaho.

75. Go to see the Grand Canyon.

On a later list I changed this to "Go to visit Chris in Saskatchewan, because I knew I was really going to get to do that and wasn't sure that I could fit both of those goals into 1001 days. (for expense reasons) But guess what? I did! Chris came down to visit me this year and we took a road trip that included two goals on this section of the list...Highway 101 and going to the Grand Canyon and we also got Route 66 in on the deal! SWEET!

76. Take a trip from Laurie's to New York.

Because of all my other trips, I haven't gone back to Maryland. I will have to put that on my new list when I make it. So that is a Fail.

77. Actually do the tourist thing when I'm at Laurie's and go see the
museums in Washington, D.C.

See above answer.

78. Visit Jen and Jay.

I so wanted to visit Jen and Jay while they were in Germany. Alas, they didn't stay there long enough. Now they are in Korea. I failed at this one, but I might be able to go visit while they are still in Korea. I will probably put that on my new list.

79. Drive Highway 101 down the coast again.

I did this (with Chris) and I have pictures which I will eventually post. I promise.

80. Take (or work on) a cruise.

Can you believe it? I did this one too. I took a cruise rather than get a job on one. It was a trains, planes, automobiles and ship year.

So there you have it. Some goals met. Some not. Oh...and here is the foot and the bowling balls. These pictures were taken on a day trip that I took with my friend, Becky, over to Point Defiance and the waterfront. These were at a little plant nursery in North Tacoma. The guy had these bowling balls all through his outdoor nursery, which was a little neglected, but interesting in many ways. So now you know what to do with your old bowling ball...make it lawn decor.

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