Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cook's Chasm, Oregon Coast Highway

Obviously my travel blogging skills are non-existent at this time. I am all over the map. I should have really done the blogging while I was doing the traveling, but it was easier said than done. I should have taken notes and kept a journal and written things down. Chris and I saw several signs and other interesting things that we really wanted to remember. We talked about writing them down, but I don't think we really did. While I would love to write a nice blog that follows a time line and has pictures and interesting facts about the places we've seen...hahaha...sigh. I'm just not that organized in my thoughts right now. So I am just going to hit the high spots or what strikes my fancy, or what matches the pictures I want to post. If you want to organize it, feel free! LOL

So, anyway...

Yesterday's blog was about a seagull that modeled for us at a wayside stop in Oregon. Today's blog is about Cook's Chasm, the actual point of interest and the reason for the wayside stop. Across the chasm is a blowhole that spouts somewhat like a geyser when the water comes rushing into the chasm and gets compressed into the small holes in the rock where it then comes spewing out. We were able to stay long enough to see the "Spouting Horn" spout its water. Here are the two pictures I got of this area.

After spending so much time with the seagull we really didn't walk down the path to the bottom or look at much else in the area, but after seeing this webpage, while I was poking around online today, I sure wish I had known about it ahead of time so I could have seen it with my own eyes. I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not on the reader boards at the wayside stop. I'm falling asleep. This lame blog will have to suffice for now. Goodnight

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